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If you’re looking for a creative way to advertise your company or set your boat apart, dimensional letters could be a smart decision. Beautiful, sleek, and attractive, dimensional letters work well for virtually all companies and boats, offering a nice alternative to a traditional sign or lettering.

What are the benefits of dimensional letters?

Dimensional letters offer many benefits. Here are some of the most obvious:

  • High Visibility. Dimensional letters are stark, clear, and easy to read. They’re also highly visible, which is ideal for grabbing the attention of people who drive, walk, or bike by.

  • Durability. Dimensional letters are durable, and materials like cut and cast metals won’t crack, chip, break, or fade over time. This makes them a low-maintenance option for companies and individuals who want to install a sign and not worry about it again.

  • Dimensional Letters Look Professional. If you’re looking to put your company’s best face forward, dimensional letters are a great place to start.

Why use dimensional letters for a business?

Commonly called 3D or raised letters, dimensional letters offer a distinguished look to lobby signs, conference rooms, and different departments. Outside of your venue, they help you stand out. Let’s explore how these markers are used more closely.

Exterior dimensional letters can benefit establishments, organizations, and companies in any industry. These markers are typically installed directly to the façade of buildings that are looking for a sophisticated appearance.

They can also be incorporated into a monument sign or mounted on a panel installed on your property. Though these letters do not typically have their own illumination source, you can use spotlights to make your letters visible at night.

You cannot help but notice the classy dimensional letter signs found in the reception areas.

Many companies are using these markers to introduce clients and guests to their branding as soon as they enter the door. We have the equipment needed to match the colors and typefaces you use on your marketing materials to keep your branding consistent. We can also mount your letters with spacers for an extra-dimensional effect.

When people hear “dimensional letters,” they often think that these signs only consist of letters. Nothing could be further from the truth. “Dimensional letter” is a blanket term that covers numbers and logos as well. And, many organizations benefit from adding logo wall signs to their interior décor. You will often see these markers in conference rooms and common areas, such as cafeterias.

What materials are available?

Dimensional letters can stand up against harsh weather and are sturdy enough to last for years. Some of the materials we use for making dimensional letters include:

  • Aluminum – Versatile, affordable, and durable aluminum is used in most metal signs. Aluminum can be painted any color you want, including custom colors that match your branding.

  • Acrylic, PVC, or Plastic – These outdoor-rated signage materials will give your venue a playful vibe. Consider flat-cut letters for a stylish display option.

  • High-Density-Urethane (HDU) – Since it is good for the environment and multi-faceted, HDU is a favorite material in the signage industry. It can achieve a thickness of up to three inches, and we can apply acrylic or metal laminates to HDU.

Need examples of dimensional lettering? Check out our Gallery to get some ideas.

Call us@ 615-991-3125 or email us and open up a new 3-D way to help your customers!


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