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How Much Does A Sign Cost?

Calculate The Cost Below

Pennies A Day... See For Yourself!

Creative, high-quality signage is key to setting a business apart from the competition. By
focusing on the “cost,” you undermine the value of a well-designed sign over many years. So, what is the value of a sign? Let's check it out!

If you look at the cost per day of a $1,000 sign over an average sign life of 5 years, you're looking at

$0.56 /day. A double-sided sign exposes your business to two-way traffic and adds twice the exposure for roughly $0.25/day.

While social media and other forms of advertising are essential, you pay each time it is seen or heard, based on the exposures or impressions it delivers. Not so with a sign. You pay once, and it delivers day after day until it is time to replace it—usually many years later.

Help your customers view signs from a revenue generation perspective versus just another cost.

Smart business owners take advantage of the tremendous value that effective signage delivers.

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