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GREAT Signs Start Here!

Custom Sandblasted Signs Are Great! When your clients need high quality, longest lasting dimensional signage, consider using a sandblasted sign!

Sandblasted signs provide a three-dimensional look with a lot of detail. Here at Fox Design, we only use HDU (High-Density-Urethane) material. This material is non-porous, so it will not absorb moisture, warp, or crack in the weather. It holds paint better than wood and will last much longer.

So what goes into making a sandblasted sign? More than most folks think! Sandblasted signs are among the most attractive and exciting signs you can use for business or even your home. The process does require patience and skill to create crisp, clean detail and make your message stand out. Curious? Here's a short guide to walk you through the process.

Step 1 - We use the CNC router to cut the HDU to the desired size and shape. Then depending upon the design, we route borders, bevel the edges, cut logos, etc... and if the lettering is not too small, we carve the lettering as well. Be creative and let your imagination run wild!

Step 2 - The next step in our process is to create a template to cover the areas that will remain smooth. Doing this helps create a crisp edge to the carved borders, letters, and shapes. Take a look at our gallery to see the result. Once the template has been affixed firmly in place, the fun begins!

Step 3- With the template in place, the sign is ready to be blasted! If the design calls for a "wood-grain" look, we place a "frame" over the face. The frame has wires running horizontally to create a "wood-grain" type finish. With the spray nozzle about 4 to 8 inches away from the wood, we continue moving in smooth, level strokes across the face of the signboard until we reach the desired depth/finish.

If you desire a "pebble finish," the mask is set in place, and the areas "not covered" are blasted to achieve that beautiful "pebbled" look.

Step 4 - Once the blasting complete, we remove the template, and the sign is cleaned and readied for paint.

Some signs are more complex and require additional steps. Size, design, hardware, etc. all add to the complexity in creating a truly unique and striking sign. If you are branding a customer, why not suggest a sandblasted sign? It will stand out, and so will you!

We love creating sandblasted signs and are proud of the signs we deliver! Interested? Give us a call at 615-991-3125 or send us an email and open up a new way to help your customers!

Fox Design Services your wholesale custom sign manufacturer.

"If you have a business you need a GREAT sign!"


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