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The Real Value of Signage

What does your sign say? What does it convey? As a famous quote goes, "A business without a sign is a sign of no business", and so, signage should never be an afterthought but as an investment that will long reap benefits.

Your sign is the first impression that you make on your customers. It tells them who you are, what you offer, and your location. It works 24x7 without fail. The ISA states: 'Your sign is your voice on the street.' That's true. The signage that you place within 5 miles of your location will bring you 85% of your customers. It has a magnetic effect on customers and draws them to your doorsteps to buy products/services. Your sign has immense power and can work as an active marketing device. Such is the vital role that signage plays for your company!

Let the Numbers Talk

If you look at the statistics, you would want to get signage for your company right away. Here are some key facts that you must know.

1) Signage is an inexpensive and highly effective type of advertising. It works wonders for retail businesses.

2) The SBA indicates that 50% of sales are credited to signage, with 85% of these from within a radius of 5 miles.

3) In a survey conducted by FedEx, 68% have revealed that they bought a product after signage grabbed their attention. Also, 8 out of 10 customers entered a store for the first time based on the signs.

Benefits: At a Glance

High-quality signage can bring the following benefits to your business:

· Works as a cost-effective marketing tool

· Converts your business into a brand

· Lays a fantastic first impression

· Landmarks your business

· Informs the customers about the products and services

· Furnishes important information

A well-thought design and strategically placed signs act like a salesperson-in-disguise for your business. Make sure you hire professionals for this so that there is no chance of missing out on any prospective customer.

From simple to complex, we produce excellent 3-D signage that will draw in customers!

With a record of outstanding customer service and a fast turnaround, you can trust that every custom sign is created with exquisite craftsmanship when you work with Fox Design.," This results in a high-impact, absolutely stunning sign for you and your customer.

For a FAST & FREE quote, call us at 615-991-3125 or send your artwork to

"Exceeding expectations daily."


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