Channel Letter Signs

Utilizing the latest technology in automated machinery and materials, We provide top quality product at an affordable price. Channel letters add dimension and sophistication to wall signs, either as illuminated signs or non-illuminated.

Laser Cutting Wood

Wood products are another group of materials well suited to laser cutting. The cut edge is square, clean and but can exhibit a darkened or blackened result, depending on the type and thickness. Interior plywood cuts with a smoother lighter edge due to the PVA glue used between the layers. Marine and exterior plywoods with thicknesses over 1inch start to exhibit a charred and slightly rough edge.

Laser Cutting Plastic

All plastics cut with a smooth, clean and burr free edge. As the focussed laser beam slices through the plastic, the edge re-solidifies immediately after being vaporised and often a glassy edge is the final result. In particular, acrylic is ideally suited to laser cutting. The typical method of saw cutting, sanding and flame polishing, is all done in one step.

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