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Branding Your New Business? Use Laser Cut Letters!

Laser cutter lettering is an easy solution for making signs. A great sign can make your lobby or reception area stand out.

Lasers cutters enable you to cut and engrave designs from flat sheet materials such as acrylic, metal or wood. The outcome is always pixel perfect and, depending on the material thickness, a little bit three-dimensional (which looks really professional).

Laser cutting also affords you lots of options from flat panel to individual letters to even backlit or edge-lit designs. When branding a business, laser cut lettering will help your business stand out. From walls or room number signs to ADA signs, laser cutters are

Laser cut numbers & letters for Apartment doors and ADA signs

essential to getting it right! For those artsy types who want to bring some uniformity to hand-painted signs (especially if it’s a design or text that is often repeated), you can cut custom stencils out of clear plastic or other thin stock, too. All you need to get started is a vector design file (IA, EPS, etc...) and the laser can get to work.

If you are branding a new client consider using laser cut letters to help their business name stand out. Make Fox your "one-stop" partner for all your wholesale signage needs.

Just send us your artwork and we can do the rest!

Fox Design Services

"If you have a business you need a GREAT sign!"

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