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Know Your Locality’s Sign Laws

Powerful business signage is one of the most essential aspects of your company. It authenticates your brand, attracts new customers and shows that you’re a top-notch professional in your line of work. It’s an important indication that you’re reliable and not going anywhere.

But before your outdoor three-dimensional sign and/or logo fabricated by the skilled specialists at Fox Design Services has been made and placed in its permanent location, you need a permit for your sign. A sign permit is any publicly displayed information that's presented in the form of words, symbols and/or pictures and is designed to advertise your business. It provides legal permission to post such information. 

So before you head to Fox Design Services with your design specifications, check your local

zoning laws. Lots of towns, villages and cities regulate the limit the size, site, and occasionally the lighting and type of signs allowed there. Owners of business properties might also have their own limitations. To sidestep expensive errors, review local laws and get your landlord’s approval in writing.

And as with most dealings in life, preparation is essential. The more information you provide

regarding your sign intentions, the smoother the permit application process will be. You may

need to provide renderings of the sign, photos of where you want to place it, and the sign’s

height and length. If your sign will be attached to a wall, the local permit office will also need to

know how your sign will be attached.

Filling out your municipality’s application completely and accurately will help the determination process move along. And know that sign permits aren’t free. The cost varies by municipality. But remember that the benefits from your excellent signage by Fox Design Services are more than worth the permit cost.

If you’d like to find out what we can do for you, write us a message on the Contact Us page or call us at 615-991-3125. We promise a quick response. And follow us on Facebook and Instagram!


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