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Why Sandblasted Signs Can Attract Customers

A sign is important to any business, but the type of sign you choose is even more important. Read here to learn why sandblasted signs can attract customers.

Sandblasted woodgrain w/CNC v-groove, acrylic letters

Having the right kind of sign goes a long way toward bringing customers in the door. A sign serves as a silent salesperson for your business, catching attention and drawing new people into your store. When a sign includes your logo, it also reinforces your brand.

Sandblasted signs convey a strong tone of stability, permanence or class. They have a clean-cut look and feel and can make a modern and impactful impression. These signs are ideal for Professional offices, Residential communities, Subdivisions, Apartments, Condominiums, Schools, Churches, Parks and Historical locations.

Sandblasted signs have a lot of advantages that help them catch a customer’s eye. They help you establish credibility, stand out from competitors, and build a sense of community around your business.

There are many reasons that sandblasted signs are the best option for you. Here are just a few:

Sandblasted Signs Are Endlessly Customizable

Unlike traditional metal or plastic signs, you aren’t stuck with a limited number of options in designing a sandblasted sign. You can make them any shape and size. This means that they become instantly eye-catching, simply because they look different than everything around them. Getting a second look in today’s advertising-saturated culture gives you an enormous advantage over competitors. Sandblasted signage is a great option for businesses of all types who are looking to draw in more customers.

Three Dimensions Help Your Message “Pop”

An engraved sign is not only tall and wide, but it also has depth from the engraving. It’s not a depth created by a printed optical illusion, either – it’s a real three-dimensional look that customers can walk up and feel.

Dimensional signage has the ability to look impressive while also being warm and inviting. Even the simplest business name and logo is striking on a sandblasted sign.

Sandblasted Signs Have an Old-Time Appeal

A sandblasted sign stands out in a busy commercial downtown area or a historic neighborhood. It reminds people of the “good old days,” filling customers with warm feelings that make them want to visit you. Those warm, old-time feelings can attract people to your business and keep them coming back. Getting people to associate positive emotions with your business is one of the most powerful marketing strategies available. Isn’t it great that you can create those feelings with a simple sign?

You Can Combine Creativity with a Classic Look

Many businesses want to stand out by being different and use a lot of creativity in coming up with their business name, logo, products, and services. With sandblasted signs, you can combine your creativity with a classic look that exudes trust.

Because you can customize your sign with any size, shape, color and texture that you'd like, your creative options are endless. A bakery with a sign shaped like a slice of cake and a vet with a dog-shaped sign are equally at home with sandblasting.

The sandblasting process also leaves you with a quaint, classic, homey feel. This elicits trust in your customers and is appealing to the eye. In fact, many historic districts and business parks require sandblasted signs because they are more classical and professional looking than metal or plastic signs.

If you’re looking for sandblasted signs when branding your customer, the experts at Fox Design can help. We offer wholesale sandblasted signage that is perfect for your business. Our goal is to help you achieve yours!

For a FREE quote, contact us today!

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