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Don't Make These Mistakes!

Are you're making these mistakes??

Your business sign is your brand. Your brand is invitation for others to come in a do business with you. If you sign is not memorable, they won't think about you the next time they need your product or service.

Here are a few things to consider when designing and ordering your business sign.

COLOR! - Lack of Contrast

Always design signs with an element of color in order for them to stand out in their environment.

If your building color is white, use a different color to create contrast. Remember you are trying to stand out amid the myriad of other business signage.

CAN IT BE SEEN? - Placement

Many businesses can make a fatal mistake by placing their signs too high, next to something that may be distracting or covered by another

object such as an awning. Make sure your sign is at eye level if it is by a door and visible so that your message is easily seen and remembered.

If your sign is in front of your building is it close to the road? Can drivers see it? If it is set too far back, or blocked by foliage, you've lost potential customers.

HOW MUCH? - Cutting Corners

Is your signage memorable? A true representation of your brand?

Piece'a Cake Bakery - YUM!

High quality, just like the products and services you deliver? Many businesses like to cut corners with building signs and it's just not worth it. After all, you're representing your brand. Get the most durable and attractive sign that will not fade and will stand up against harsh weather.

Remember that your signage will be first thing your customers see and what they will think about when planning their next purchase.

KEEP IS SIMPLE - Too Much Going On

Keep it simple. You want to be able to attract customers' attention within the first two seconds and convey your message.

People are visual and including a lot of text or various images is going to divert their eyes elsewhere. Sometimes the opposite is possible too, having a design element that may not be enough information or confusing to the unknown eye.


When in doubt a larger sign is always going to attract more attention (especially when positioned outside the business). However, make sure it is not too big that it obstructs visibility.

BOTTOM LINE - Every business needs a GREAT SIGN!

Your signs should work as hard as you do. Done right, quality signs attract new customers, brand your location and turn foot-traffic into sales. You only have one chance to make a first impression, make yours count with expert advice and quality signs!

Signs, they are essential....and every business needs a GREAT sign!

We create beautiful 3-D signage and our goal is to help you sell GREAT signs!


For a FREE QUOTE- Contact us today to discover more about our diverse range of wholesale signage solutions. Fox Design Services providing wholesale solutions for your business!

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"If you have a business, you need a GREAT sign!

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