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The Benefit of Using Channel Letters For Your Signs

Channel letter individual and cabinet

A sign is more than just a name... it is the first and most important step in advertising your business.

Stop and think about it — what does your favorite company's signage look like it? Does it draw you in and leave a lasting impression? Can your customers see it? Channel letter signs provide a visible means of advertising your business. Channel letters are illuminated signs made up of 3-D letters and shapes. They are big, bright and intriguing.

If you own a business and are struggling with your signage, it's time to look into channel letters. Not only will they set you apart from the crowd, but they are extremely customizable and can fit whatever your needs may be

Let's learn the benefits of choosing channel letters for your signage.

The letters are illuminated with LED lights that can last for many years without having to be replaced. LED's are not only environmentally-friendly, they also stay brighter for longer and are much more cost-effective. The initial invest may cost more, but the benefits will pay off with how long they last. Channel letters are also made out of aluminum, which is a recycled and reused material.

Customizable to fit your needs

If you want to include a graphic design, logo or cursive writing, don't fret. Channel lettering can be transformed into a variety of custom shapes. There will be no need for compromising when creating a sign with channel letters. Instead, you will have the freedom to choose the color, font, size, mount, and illumination.

Channel letter signs very a variety of options. The most common type is the front-lit or standard channel letters.These channel letter signs have an acrylic face, trim cap, aluminum backs and returns. The light comes from the front of each letter. Other options include reverse channel letters also called back lit channel letters or halo channel letters. The channel letters utilize metal faces, aluminum returns and clear backs which also the light to come from the back and create that "halo" effect. directions that include: open face, halo-lit or reverse lit and front/backlit. It's easy to recreate what your brand stands for with a channel letter sign.

Sturdy and long-lasting material

Channel letter signs are made of aluminum, which is an extremely sturdy material that lasts. Don't be concerned about rain or snow causing damage to your sign. Aluminum can survive almost all weather mishaps, even fire. Aluminum signage is also very lightweight which can be cost-effective and easy to mount. This will make it much easier to take your letters on and off your business.

Channel Letters are the best way to make a statement

Lastly and most importantly, channel letters simply make the biggest and boldest statement for any business. Many large companies are using this signage both inside and outside of their stores. These signs enhance brand image. They provide excellent visibility throughout the day and night. They result in much lower electricity bills. And, they can be mounted onto your business in many different ways. Channel letters are super flexible, affordable and are a great investment for any business.

Are you ready to stand out from the crowd with a channel letter sign?

Fox Design is your wholesale signage solution that provides a wide variety of lettering types, fonts, styles and options. Send us your artwork and we can do the rest!

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