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Outdoor Routed & Sandblasted Signs

sandblasted signs

Every company and organization strives to achieve a distinct style or brand. Custom routed and sandblasted signs provide a dual tone and rustic look that is befitting many businesses.

Popular outside residential neighborhoods, universities, hospitals and more, carved and sandblasted signs are both elegant and timeless. These signs are available in a number of different colors, sizes, shapes and styles. At Fox Design, we can create a custom sign to fit your unique needs. Carved and sandblasted signs offer a permanent, rich and artistic quality, making them ideal for just about any location.

Because of their thick, block-like nature, they leave an impression. In addition, the carving detail adds dimension by creating the illusion that the image or lettering is popping out of the sign. The background, lettering and graphics are all painted in contrasting colors, which gives the sign a unique high-end appearance, and ensures that your sign stands out among the rest. These signs elevate your brand, customers will undoubtedly be enticed to take a second look.

Have more questions about custom carved and sandblasted signs?

We specialize in sandblasted signs! Need ideas for branding your business? Check out our gallery and call us @ 615-991-3125

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